Here we grow. Over the last 24 months, we’ve focused heavily on the green — your green. After all, we’re on a mission to help as many businesses — like yours — as possible develop a deep understanding of your finances so you can make the best possible financial decisions.  

So we’d like to thank you for trusting our team to help you grow. That trust — coupled with your referrals — is helping our team offer even more services to you as we grow too.

With new Operations Manager Michele Del Signore and Accounting Manager Megan Baum on board, in addition to increased oversight and support for our existing services, we’re also increasing the ways we can serve you, including:

  • Fractional CFO Services — While we already offer Fractional CFO Services, we’ll be increasing the level at which we can advise you on all financial matters for your company.
  • Live Plan Advisory — When you go into business, you have a business plan. Our Live Plan Advisory services are designed to help you work that plan in real-time so that you can actively adjust or tweak it based on your changing situation and goals.

Additionally, we’re growing the cannabis side of the business, which we call Accounting for Green. 

With more states considering legalization, more facilities receiving operating licenses, and the federal government marching toward banking reform for cannabis, we know every dispensary, lab, and grow operation will need accounting advice and bookkeeping support. And we’re excited to help more businesses grow. 

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to the new faces on our team:

Michele Del Signore, Operations Manager

Drawing on more than 20 years of experience in accounting, budgeting financial analysis and asset management, including 10 years with the FDIC, Michele brings a great deal of advisory experience to our team. As Operations Manager, she’ll oversee the team and operations while delivering a high-touch experience to our clients.

Based in Massachusetts, she loves to escape to warm places in the winter, in addition to spending time with her family and helping those in need.

Megan Baum

Megan Baum, Accounts Manager

Megan brings nearly two decades of experience in accounting and accounting management to oversee and lead our team of finance professionals. With a wide range of certifications and experience in the private and public sectors, she believes in fostering a culture of growth.  Based in Pennsylvania, she loves traveling, hunting, and exploring the outdoors.

They’ll be joining our team of top-notch accounting professionals that you’ve gotten to know well over the years:

Gina Pimental

Callen Brown

Crystal Waldorf

Dena David

Dan Swansen

Monique Swansen

Want to explore how we can help you? Please contact us today.
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