As an accounting firm, staying ahead isn’t just about keeping up with the numbers. Instead, by optimizing how we manage our time, we can serve you—our clients—better. So why is an accounting firm talking about time-blocking? It boils down to two main reasons:

  1. You deserve to be confident that we’re 100% focused on your work.
  2. Many of our clients can benefit from time-blocking in their businesses.

First and foremost, when we’re working on client projects, we work in specific blocks of time on the calendar where we don’t do anything else, including checking email, hopping on calls, or responding to Liscio communications. That means we’re unable to “jump on a call real quick” because we’re hyperfocused and client work.  What’s more, it means when we’re working on your projects, you can expect the same courtesy.


What is Time-Blocking?

Time-blocking is our way of dedicating specific parts of our day to focus exclusively on one task or project at a time, which reduces distractions and improves our concentration. This includes our work on behalf of—and for—your business. Nothing else takes priority, leading to higher accuracy and faster processing times, which are critical in financial management.

What are the Benefits of Time-Blocking for Accounting Clients?

The biggest one is the most obvious—dedicated focus. So why else do we find time-blocking beneficial?

It allows our team to customize their schedules.

Flexible schedules as a benefit of joining our team. While they block time around team meetings, we know not to reach out to them via Slack when they’re in focus mode.

We can dedicate time to continuous professional development.

If you’re wondering how much changes in accounting when math stays the same, you might be surprised at all of the developments in the field. From new technology to changing regulations, there are plenty of opportunities to learn to ensure we’re on top of the latest tech and regulatory compliance issues. Our team members earn about an hour of professional development time every week so time blocking allows them to take advantage of ongoing opportunities to safeguard and enhance your financial strategies.

We can block out planning time.

Our goal is for each day to end with a strategic planning session for the next, so we are a step ahead and never come in unprepared for a day’s work.

Want to Implement Time Blocking in Your Business? 

As I mentioned above, many of our clients can also benefit from time blocking. If this sounds like you, and you’re not sure how to start, here are a few tips:

  • Define Your Tasks: Make a list of everything that’s on your plate, whether recurring or one-time activities, and estimate about how much time each takes.
  • Prioritize Your Tasks: Which tasks are urgent and important? Which require deeper focus? Which can you do with your eyes closed? 
  • Divide Your Day Into Blocks: You can start with one-hour blocks and then expand or reduce them as needed based on how intensive your task is. Or you can use a Pomodoro Technique, where you set 25-minute blocks followed by 5-minute breaks.
  • Schedule Tasks Based on Your Productivity: Are there times of day when you do better at creative or interpersonal tasks? When you need to do tasks with less brain power? Choose time blocks that work for you. 
  • Don’t Forget Your Breaks: No one can sit still and work 8 hours straight. Make sure to schedule in wiggle, lunch, and mental blanks so you can maintain a balance. 

Remember, as you set out to do this, you’re not in it alone and nothing is set in stone. You can use digital calendars and other apps to stay focused. And you can adapt your blocks based on how much time things actually take.

The Bottom Line

This structured approach to our workday means you can rely on us to meet crucial deadlines, provide rapid responses to your inquiries, and maintain proactive communication. All these efforts are in place to support your business’s success and growth.

Want to explore how we can help you meet critical financial deadlines with clean, organized, and compliant books? Contact us today.